Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Driving Asset Management Efficiencies With Field Service Software

For any facilities management, building maintenance or housing provider, a full stock condition survey is not only a costly exercise but an extremely time-consuming one.

Maintaining survey is one toughest part of the job for someone tasked with managing stock, so when a full stock survey is required it can cause a multitude of problems. These include confidence that asset data are up to date, easy access to information and the logistics in quickly gathering missing data.

Effective asset management

Field service software can help to drive efficiencies and tackle many of the challenges in relation to effective asset management. Central to such software will be the seamless capability to integrate with mobile devices.

Utilizing mobile devices for surveys

Decent field service software will distribute jobs from your system to field workers' mobile devices. In particular, planned and cyclical appointments and all the information a field worker will need for each new job can be sent to their mobile device.

Each step of a job can also set so the field worker can only move on to the next step of a job, or their next job even, once all the relevant information the system requires is input into their mobile device. This information would then be relayed back to your system, so updates are a realtime source of on-going works and information.

With planned and cyclical works these can easily be scheduled in advance and sent straight to a field worker's mobile so they can plan ahead.

The advantage of all this is that the software and mobile device can be used to maximize the time your field workers spend in your units, as asset and survey data can be gathered during works.

Gathering asset data

By ensuring that the gathering of asset data are integral to job workflows and processes, asset gathering becomes a day-to-day occurrence rather than an after thought or a last-minute and deadline-driven exercise. As they work, your field workers should be using field service software and their mobiles to gather data such as the conditions of boilers, the state of roofs requiring repair, kitchens that will need replacing etc.


Because surveys are carried out on the go, software will delivers reduced administration, increase productivity of field workers, engineers and surveyors, and will improve the service experienced by customers. The resulting reduction in paper work is also significant step in the move to a paperless environment.


So, all in all, field service software will help to drive efficiencies for any service management business and support the business to manage its assets more effectively.

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