Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Innovative Implementations of Rackmount LCD Monitors

Technology has to go into some unusual places. It's fun to find out how people have taken a technical solution such as a rackmount LCD and found a way to implement it in a unique situation. This article describes a couple of ways to use these devices in a manner you may not have previously considered.

Ask any IT person where they use a rackmount LCD monitor and they will probably tell you that they are used to support and monitor servers located in a datacenter. The monitor is normally mounted inside a server cabinet or rack. When combined with a keyboard/monitor/trackball device and KVM system they offer reduced power and space requirements over assigning a monitor and keyboard to each computer system. Instead, one rackmount LCD is used to manage several computers.

Now that you understand that these devices save space, energy and money, your mind may start thinking about where you could use this type of solution. Here are some ways others have put the rackmount LCD to use.

People who love gadgets enjoy figuring out ways to put technology to use. Sometimes an idea to solve a connectivity problem at home turns into a great technical innovation for use by the military, commercial industry or in health care. Below are some odd locations people positioned a rackmount LCD monitor.

High Tech Fishing -If you are a fisherman you probably are aware of a number of different gadgets available on the market. Some devices are sonar based depth finders or combination fish/depth finders or mapping applications working in conjunction with GPS are a couple of high tech gadgets available to the sport fisherman.

Commercial fishermen make use of the same types of solutions, but on a larger scale. Some commercial fishing companies even have full blown servers onboard. These servers and supporting rackmount LCD devices may be housed in a cabinet or mounted directly to shelves or cabinets within the vessel.

At the Target Range-Each branch of the military makes use of computers and advanced technology. One of the first places computers were put to work was within the training of soldiers, sailors and marines. This really came in handy on the target range. A server running a scoring application and a rackmount LCD is installed in a secured cabinet to the rear of the line of fire. This application tracks the hits as the soldier fire at targets downrange. The range officer can view the scores simply and safely behind the line of fire.

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