Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Test the Quality of Cat5e Cable

When you want to establish a network system, the most critical component that you must prepare is Cat5e Ethernet cable. Without this cable, it is quite difficult to establish such system. You may be able to establish the network wirelessly, but wireless network is not very reliable if the network that you want to establish is rather large and extensive. If you want to make such network at your large home, office facility, a church, or other places where there is not only one or two nearby computer that you have to include in your network, but several computers located in different parts of the facility where your network will be established, Cat5e Ethernet cable is inevitably needed.

Because the network that you want to establish is a large network, you need to procure Bulk Cat5e cable in order to establish connection between computers in the network. The most important thing to consider when you want to buy Cat5e cable for your network is that your cable is high-quality cable. There are several ways to determine the quality of Cat5e cable that you want to use. Firstly, kink the cable and do it repeatedly along the length of the cable. If it breaks, then it is low-quality cable. Secondly, good Cat5e cable has a thick jacket. Therefore, if its jacket is thin, discard it because it is not reliable cable. Thirdly, buy a 1000’ spool of Cat5e cable and weigh it. If its weight is significantly less than 15 pounds, then it is not good cable. The best way to test your cable is by finding out how fast it transmits data. Therefore, use it to connect your computers and observe how long it takes to transmit data from one computer to another.

If you need more clues to find out the quality of Cat5e cable that you want to use, you can visit online forums or buy the cable from online stores that have good reputation.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

How Do Windows Tablets Differ From The First Generation Of Traditional Tablets?

Microsoft is well on its way to establishing a top position in the tablet market. Windows tablets have continuously evolved to meet the demands of consumers and business professionals on the go. Each new tablet release has incorporated newer technologies and features. This is particularly the case with the release of the new Windows 8 tablets. With all the technological advancements included in the newest tablets, they have evolved and now differ greatly from the first generation of traditional tablets.

Within the Windows tablet, there is an actual hard drive rather that the traditional flash drive that was found in earlier versions. These new and improved tablets have many more features than the first generation of traditional tablets such as USB slots that permit other devices to be connected to it as well as a memory card slot that effectively becomes portable storage for the tablet. Many now come equipped with an HDMI port that gives users the ability to directly connect to HDMI devices and screens. In the past tablets were more of a stand-alone device used for personal entertainment. Now they can be fully integrated in your arsenal of high tech gadgets and devices used to get work done.

The hardware that comes with these new and improved tablets provides many important benefits. The most notable is the capability to run full desktop applications, again making these devices full work horses instead of one trick ponies.